3 Essential Ways to Attract Dream Customers and Build Lasting Fans

These tips are especially designed for you – a kick butt boss lady who’s ready to take your fashion and lifestyle brand to the next level.

Is this you? We’ve all been there …

  • I’m getting Instagram likes and follows, but not converting them into sales
  • I want to grow my online customers, but I don’t know where to start
  • I’m juggling multiple social media platforms, running promotions, and I’m overwhelmed
  • I’m not sure what’s working and what’s not working

Join us now and we’ll show you:

  • 3 proven ways that truly great brands use to attract customers
  • How to get your dream customers to share about you
  • The key to getting your customers to come back for more
  • The biggest myth about social media and PR debunked


POPNOD is a creative marketing studio that helps female-led fashion and lifestyle brands attract customers and grow your business through purposeful marketing. We do so by helping you craft a brand that’s rooted in your personal values, identify and partner with media and retail partners, and drive online sales.



Working with Stephanie and her team through the launch of our new microsite was a joy! They thought of a brilliant idea to further engage our customers and executed it with professionalism and creativity. We are so thankful for their excellent work!

Lauren Carpenter
Co-founder of BRANDED Collective


Wow! Our session has already helped me so much to form a better picture of myself and my business! I realize that conversations like this are as important as making my pieces every day. Having your thoughts about my business is the most valuable thing for me in order to improve and grow. I very much appreciate it and value it! THANK YOU!

Denisa Piatti
Founder and Designer of Denisa Piatti Jewellry


Stephanie’s ability to listen and learn about her clients is precisely what helps her to create beautifully executed projects that are on brand. She is diligent, easy to work with and clearly passionate about her work. Her passion and dedication to helping other brands achieve their goals is inspiring.

Baille Gelwicks
Co-Founder of Cadence Event Planning