Brand Session Inquiry

Come hang with us! You’ll experience A-HA moments, and leave the session with newfound energy, focus and inspiration.

During our one-on-one 90-min session, we will:

  • Uncover your brand’s purpose
  • Craft a concise story that compels your customers to share with friends
  • Identify your brand’s values and how to communicate them to the world
  • Discuss your target audience and how to reach them more effectively
  • Provide actionable steps to help you focus on the marketing activities that matter for you. We’re true believers that less is more!
  • The Deliverable: A beautiful, personalized Brand Plan that becomes the foundation for your marketing.

You’ll come away with a beautiful document that you can refer back to for everything – launching a campaign, pitching media, negotiating partnerships, and more.

Investment: $399 AUD